Socially Activation Services for Families with Children


Service Mission

We are providing help and support to families with children in difficult life situations. We are helping to resolve these situations, to overcome negative impact and to create convenient conditions for children.

We are heading towards fulfilment of basic right of the child to grow in its own family. We are helping parents to create safe and healthy environment for raising and taking care of children.

Our Goals

  • Happy and functional family in which essential living needs of children and their parents are met
  • Harmony, understanding and respect between children and parents
  • Creation of safe home environment
  • Adjustment of family living conditions necessary for return of a child placed away from home
  • Preservation and support of relations among parents and child in case that a child cannot return to original family for serious reasons

Target Group

  • Families with children in a difficult live situation which resolution is not in their power for serious reasons
  • Families with children exposed to a threats of truancy, disrespecting of parents or teachers or having upbringing issues
  • Young people in difficult live situation who are founding a family or are already taking care of their own children


  • Expertise
  • Individual approach
  • Equality
  • Support of independence of those in our care
  • Discreet personnel
  • Humanity

Provided Services

  • Preserve, support and re-building of family relationships
  • Help family to join the social live and to overcome imapcts of social exclusion
  • Strengthen dignity, healthy self-esteem and self-sufficiency
  • Help with extrajudicial conflicts settlement
  • Help to return a child from a foster care back to the original family
  • Help to contact authorities
  • Counselling
  • Upbringing and activation services for children
  • Help raise and take care of children

Basic Activities of Social Service According to the Act 108/2006 Coll. on Social Services of the Czech Republic

  • Upbringing, educational and activation services
  • Arranging contact with social environment
  • Social therapeutic activities
  • Help to apply rights, legitimate interests and to arrange personal matters

How Can You Help?

  • Support families in a difficult life situation by mobile donating or by sending donation to our fund-raising bank account 2800235245/2010 Fiobanka, a.s.