You can help families in a difficult life situation, who are in care of the Regional Charity Pardubice within the Social Activation Services for families with children, by mobile donating. In order to use this way of donation you just need to send a text message from your cell phone.

One-time Donation

For one-time donation to families in need send a text message in the following form:

DMSspacePOMOCRODINAM to number 87 777.

The price of one Premium SMS Donation is CZK 30. Regional Charity Pardubice will receive CZK 28.50. You will receive a receipt by SMS.

QR Code to send one Premium SMS Donation: By scanning a code you will send SMS in form of „DMS POMOCRODINAM“ to number 87 777

Year-long Donation

Send the following text message for a year-long donation of families in need:

DMSspaceROKspacePOMOCRODINAM  to number 87 777.

You will be automatically charged CZK 30 every month. The service will obtain CZK 342 during the year. You will receive receipt by SMS.

Cancelling Year-long DMS Donation

You can cancel year-long donation by sending a text message. You need to use the same phone number you used to activate the service. Send a text message in form „DMS STOP POMOCRODINAM“ to the number 87 777. Cancelling the year-long automated donation is free of charge.

We are verified by Czech Donors Forum.

Thank you very much for your willingness to help.