Home hospice care


The idea of home hospice care is based on regard for every person as for a unique and unrepeatable human being. It is based on individual needs and wishes of patient and lays emphasis on irreplaceability of everyone’s family and friendships.

  • Home hospice care is kind of a care provided to people who suffer from incurable disease in their home environment.
  • It enables patients to spend their last days or weeks of life without unbearable pain and at home among their relatives.
  • Home hospice care is covered by health insurance, grants, donations and in-kind donations. We are able to provide non-stop care based on doctor’s prescription.
  • Patients and family can use services of doctor, nurse, psychologist, social service and priest.

Services are provided in area of Pardubice and Holice.

Following services are offered within home hospice care:

  • Professional nursing service with level of expertise comparable to medical care in hospitals or other medical institution.
  • Help to ease or to eliminate pain
  • Professional social care
  • Support and training in taking care of seriously ill patient
  • Rental of aids for rehabilitation and nursing
  • Procurement of psychological and spiritual support for seriously ill patient and his/her family
  • Help to procure reverential transport of the deceased person as well as help in possible following issues with performing adjacent legal acts and help in case of possible social exclusion or poverty.

Photo: Dita Valachová

How can you help?

  • You can support families taking care of seriously ill or terminal patient by donation to our fund-raising bank account 2300796054/2010 Fiobanka, a.s.

Our mission is every-day care of people in need regardless of their religious belief. The services complement one another and ensure patients the best possible life conditions.